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St. Charles Criminal Defense Lawyer Protects Clients’ Interests

Missouri attorney also represents plaintiffs in personal injury cases

If you’ve been accused of a crime, working with a skilled criminal defense lawyer can be the first step toward securing a favorable outcome in your case. Similarly, if you’ve suffered an injury, you deserve a dedicated attorney on your side who will help you recover damages for your loss. At Nick Brockmeyer, Attorney at Law, I serve clients throughout the city of St. Louis, as well as St. Louis and St. Charles counties. With over 15 years of experience practicing law in Missouri courts, you can be confident I’ll provide exceptional representation.

Aggressive Missouri lawyer fights for clients in court

My clients trust me with their legal matters because I’m:

  • Accomplished — My 15 years of legal experience have given me the tools I need to skillfully advocate for you both in and out of court. With a track record of successful decisions, I’ve become intimately familiar with Missouri’s justice system, allowing me to represent my clients with competence.
  • Dedicated — Whether you’ve been accused of a crime or injured in an accident, legal issues can have a significant effect on your quality of life. I work hard to prepare my clients for life changes and accurately evaluate the long-term consequences of legal decisions.
  • Community-focused — I’ve been serving clients from my St. Charles office since opening my firm in 2004. As a member of the community, I am determined to assert the rights of those in the area who need my legal help.

Whether you’ve been charged with a crime or have suffered an injury, I’m here to do everything I can to secure a favorable legal outcome. 

Areas of Practice

Dedicated advocate represents clients accused of crimes

I represent Missouri clients in the following matters:

  • Criminal defense — If you’re charged with a crime, I can help argue for your acquittal or try to reach a favorable plea agreement with prosecutors. I have experience handling a variety of criminal defense matters, including cases involving allegations of drug crimes, sexual offenses, theft and assault. In some instances, I can also help seal your criminal record by guiding you through the expungement process.
  • DWIs — Getting charged with a DWI can result in severe penalties if convicted, including jail time, fines and license suspension. However, first-time offenders can often avoid harsh penalties by agreeing to complete a substance abuse program and undergo a period of court-supervised probation.
  • Traffic offenses — Like many other states, Missouri uses a points system to track traffic offenses, including out-of-state tickets. I will fight unwarranted charges in order to save you from increased insurance rates, points on your license and other consequences.
  • Personal injury — I help clients recover damages from auto accidents and other personal injury matters. I also assist with wrongful death claims, which allow plaintiffs to recover monetary compensation for income the deceased would have received through their lifetime, loss of companionship, funeral expenses and other damages.

If you have a legal issue related to criminal defense or personal injury, I will put my 16 years of legal experience to work in order to help you handle it. 


Contact an experienced Missouri legal advocate for a free initial consultation

At Nick Brockmeyer, Attorney at Law, I represent criminal defense and personal injury clients from my office in St. Charles, Missouri. Please call 833-661-1317, text 314-560-1847, or contact me online to schedule a free initial consultation.


  • "Nick provided me fantastic legal services. He was real with me about what I should be expecting and he was fair on the cost. There were no hidden charges. Nick engages with his clients at a personal level and puts his heart into representing you."

  • "Beyond excellent service. Was on trial for a felony and had my case dismissed. It would not have been possible without the aid and cutting edge understanding that this law firm has to offer. Ron and Nick know how to handle a case. I wanna take them to dinner. That's how satisfied I am. 11 out of 10."

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  • "Incredible people to work with! Nick made things extremely easy and explained every process and what to expect moving forward! Highly recommended business!!!"

  • "I wanted to reach out and say Thank You!  Your compassion through the entire process was amazing.  You were there to answer all questions and remind me it will be ok.  I never felt like a number and you always made me feel I was important and I mattered.  I am grateful for your service.  Thank you again for all you did for my family and I."

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